About Us

We believe that customer satisfaction is our achievement

Opulent House

Opulent Group of Companies was established in 1992 with the aim to provide buying agency services to international customers for the procurement of textile products from Pakistan, India Vietnam, Indonesia and Uzbekistan, as well as in domestic market. We believe to encourage innovation, value long–term development of talents and provide services as professionals.

Opulent Group of Companies is a reflection of commitment, dedication and team spirit of its management and employees. The tradition of quality in services and emphasis on customer satisfaction run unbroken since its inception.

The world is fast becoming a smaller place, communicating to the remotes parts of the world is now possible with a simple click of a mouse. Accessibility to global resource is now essential to the survival of every business. We manage the sourcing requirements of our clients by introducing them industry best suppliers, managing competitive prices and assuring quality and last but not least timely deliveries.

Presently we are in strong business relations with customers in Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore , Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Honduras, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Italy , Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Estonia and USA.

Quality Management System

Quality and customer satisfaction are our essential and inducing tenets, never to be compromised for short term expedicy. Our inception we have embarked on a continuous growth and improvement strategy.

The renewed confidence of our customers is our pride. We are ISO certified company, having proper process of documentation in order to avoid any delay in communication.

Hard efforts of Management Representative ensures great working environment. Internal and Annual audits with regular meetings are on always top agenda to empower team spirit in order to have excellence in our services.

Quality Policy

Providing the most excellent services through our best pre-shipment inspection and continual improvement of our Quality Management System for customer satisfaction.


Working Envoirement

We view ourselves as extended family, promoting a culture of human development.

Opulent provides open and friendly atmosphere for its employees as we believe that its good key to increase employees work potential, mutual understandings, co operative behavior, to develop family like relations and to enjoy friendly and healthy environment.